Sacrifice - Maxim Arsenault 2012


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Maxim Arsenault continues his rise among the big mountain skiing elite by charging and stomping with his 2012 segment.

Sacrificeis an offering to Ullr the God of Snow, so he may bless us with deep and plentiful pow. Rumors spread this fall throughout our home mountain of Whistler that we were due for a low tide season after multiple record breaking years. Dendrite decided to challenge that notion with this offering of skiing and a beautiful woman as we heard Ullr enjoys such pleasures. Did it work? While we were editing this piece Whistler received 121 cms over the last 7 days. Coincidence? We think not.


This is also a gift to the male ski bums of the world. They sacrifice many things to live the dream. One of those is most likely the comfort of a lady. Ski town ladies are among the most beautiful and rad females around! But the simple fact remains that in many ski towns, guys outnumber ladies by 10 to 1. That leaves many out in the cold.


So cheers to Ullr and cheers to ski bums! Here's to a bountiful harvest this winter!


Skier...Maxim Arsenault

Directed, Cinematography, Edit...Athan

Produced By...Dendrite

Skiing Footage Courtesy of Teton Gravity


Make Up...Jennifer

Lighting/Camera Assistant...Adam Braverman

Music...Little Foot Long Foot, Neko Case Hate F**ks Kurt

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