rockies conditions?


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i often check this site looking for conditions and wondering what the rockies rippers have been shredding? maybe i'm missing something (like a conditions page) but just curious.

shredded a couple of lines this past week - mt. vaux south face (b/w golden and field) and the north-facing couloir of mt dennis above field. both were in great shape, good pow.

anyone been skiing along the divide/lake louise area? share the love!!!

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fernie is on

while the snow report in Fernie is only reporting 14cm this week it is skiing like well over 30 in many places.  Especially on the "old side"   and that just on the resort.  Back and sidecountry are serving up some even nicer helpings of pow.  But watch for big sluffing.

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Lake Louise

We skied aemmers on sunday, january 31st. We found amazing conditions, knee deep pow, sloughing wasn't too bad. Skied forever young off Youngs peak in RP on saturday january 30, really good too, surprised no one had skied that recently.



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snow report in Fernie

 Thx for the info Sanook! Looks like we're in for a decent day....