Powder Day in Western Canada


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There's pow on the ground and in the air. The 24 hour snow totals are gaining momentum. Whistler 28 cm, Kicking Horse 19 cm, Revelstoke 10 cm, Sunshine 10cm, Fernie 10cms. Get out there this weekend.

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Pow day

Apperently Kicking Horse has 29 cm and it keeps snowing.

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yeah i was out today there

yeah i was out today there today. there reported 19cm today and the first four runs were amazing off the fuze bowl ridge towards the stairway to heaven. I was choking on the snow. Wish i had pics to show everyone but i was busy getting face shots. But before noon the gondi shut down due to wind so i got a free lift ticket. However tomorow should be awesome! However do not come out. The snow would be better at c o p or lake lousey!

the only thing rental skiis are good for is ridin on rocks

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Epic Weekend at KHMR

46 cm's by Saturday am. Awesome conditions topped by near bluebird and being in the right places at the right times as patrol gradually opened up the hill.. Feuz on Saturday, Whitewall on Sunday.. Gonna be a while before I get this grin off my face..