Petition: put a beacon basin in Nose Hill Park, Calgary, AB


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Please sign this petition to get a beacon basin put in Nose Hill Park in Calgary! Once I have a good number of signatures I will be preparing a proposal to bring to the City of Calgary. Share the facebook event with anyone that enjoys the back country!

With more and more users heading out to the mountains to get out into the back country the need for avalanche safety and awareness has grown. There is a large amount of back country enthusiasts within Calgary and the surrounding area, having a beacon basin within the city would be beneficial to all those that venture out to the mountains. Nose Hill Park would be an ideal spot with it's rolling hills and central location. Having a beacon basin will allow more people to practice their avalanche skills, learn how to do multiple burial searches and bring more awareness to the need for training. Allowing it to be in the city limits will encourage more users to get out and practice their skills.

It is my belief that if we come together that this project can and will happen. Safety of all those that enjoy being in the mountains, and out in the back country is extremely important and this would be a perfect opportunity to promote it. With adventure there will always be risk, but with training we can minimize this risk.

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not enough snow to bury

not enough snow to bury anything in nosehill. cop?