Lost at Tryst: 4FRNT SKI


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On December 30th a friend was involved in a slide at Tryst Lake in Kananaskis, AB.  While riding the 2nd last chute he was caught and pulled about 2/3 the way down toward the lake.  No injuries, but he did loose a black 2008 4FRNT EHP (193cm) ski with a Marker Baron binding.  If anyone sees it, a PM would be much appreciated as he would really like to get his ski back. 

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dang, I was in the area on

dang, I was in the area on the 3rd and saw some debris in one of the chutes. Glad you are ok. I was also involved in a slide on the 5th of january, ALSO losing a ski (187 dynafit manaslu) near black prince (small red circle). I'll probably go back up there with a metal detector sometime, being VERY careful.

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