Looking for Backcountry ski buddies - Western Canada


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I'm new to this forum and hopefully I'm posting in the correct forum area. I'm based out of Calgary, looking to widen my circle of backcountry ski buddies. I'm an experienced backcountry skier, have all my gear and Avy courses, intermediate telemark skier. Going over to the dark side or (maybe seeing the light) and experimenting with AT. Can drive or share transportation costs. Fairly laid back, enjoy touring as much as turns. Risk tolerance is moderate. Looking to explore old and new terrain in Alberta and BC primarily on weekends or occasional extended weekends. 

If you are like minded, would love to hear from you!

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pm sent

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May be able to find some here?

Ski touring is huge in the kootenays so you may want to post on this site if you are heading this way or just to share the Rocky Mountain perspective?




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Same here... Looking for buddies

Hi everyone, Same here... Looking for buddies.

I am new to this site but I have been doing backcountry snowboarding for 2 years mostly in the Kananaskis country (based in Calgary). Me and my buddy are looking for motivated partners to join us in our search for cool lines. We tasted the thrill of trying to reach the summit of every mountain we hike and we would like to have a group of four minimum for safety and more fun. We are not that hardcore hiker, we just have a lot of determination. We are both snowboarder and use snowshoes to hike. Anyone interested to join in is welcome. We are really careful with the avalanche danger, we only venture in open terrain if the condition are really good. We are both from Quebec and are looking for challenging lines that will give you butterflies. We have been snowboarding for more than 15 years...

To answer to you post Calypso, I might be interested but we will probably have a different approche on the hikes... I snowshoe... Anyway, doesn't matter. We could always hook up.