let's go!!


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Looking for fun not too serious partners who are solid skiers that are willing to take advantage of windows to get on some of the great lines around the Banff / parkway etc areas for the remainder of the season (another month + a few weeks). Must have experience and not be a heavy ego or cocky type. Should also know enough to be able to self rescue and have some for of FA knowledge. Crevasse rescue knowledge would be awesome also.

I live in Banff. There's gotta be some locals to hit stuff with??


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Bow peak Couloir


I am going to ride the Grand Daddy Couloir (on Bow Peak) friday. If you are interested. We are snowboarders but it doesn't matter. PM me if you are interested.


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Crevasse rescue isn't

Crevasse rescue isn't neccessary as there is a wack load of stuff to do that doesn't require it. Tough finding partners this late in the season as the cliques have formed?? Any locals out there?