Lifesaving technology at your fingertips - Introducing Pieps Global Finder Iridium to Canada


 Not so long ago, when adventure athletes, professionals working in extreme and remote climates, and everyday backcountry adrenalin junkies found themselves on the edge of a disastrous situation, they often had to rely on their own skill and wit to get them out of a potentially fatal scenario; despite being armed with numerous tools deemed to save their lives.
Now, with the launch of the Pieps Global Finder Iridium there is one product that combines multiple technologies into one incredibly sleek, user-friendly unit. The Pieps Global Finder Iridium is the only product of its kind that operates on two separate satellite systems providing the user with both GPS navigation and Iridium two-way communication, and the ability to send and receive messages anywhere on the planet with 100% reliability. With four main features, the Pieps Global Finder Iridium offers users the following functions:
 Easy and functional GPS navigation – includes compass, altimeter, waypoint and tracks, GOTTO function and track back function
 Emergency Locator and Transmitter
 Communicator – send and receive messages, emails and postings up to 256 characters
 Tracking Device - real time positioning tracking that shows routes and way points on maps, 3-D profiles on Google Earth
Safety on a Global Scale
With the Pieps Global Finder Iridium users have the capability to send an emergency SOS call from anywhere in the world, whether it be on land, sea or in the air, with rescues initiated by the International Emergency Response Coordinator Centre. Users of the device will be able to send their guaranteed communication in 200 languages; secure in the knowledge their call for help has been received. In addition, users are also provided with Search and Rescue insurance up to $100,000.
Use beyond the Adventurer: A new way of work safety
"As a professional ski guide it is imperative to be able to communicate with the outside world from any remote location at any time,” says Mark Bender, ACMG Ski Guide. “The Global Finder gives me an additional level of confidence by offering two-way messaging over a very reliable satellite system. The ability to navigate and for others to keep track of my position in real time on the web is an added convenience that makes the Global Finder my go-to safety device."
In addition to the appeal to mountaineers, guides and backcountry enthusiasts, the Pieps Global Finder Iridium is the ideal tool for industries that rely on staff based in remote locations including forestry, oil & gas and mining. Workers in the field can check back with their office with simple messages, eliminating the need for expensive satellite phones. With tracking points sent at intervals of 1 second to 30 minutes office staff can easily organize and follow their working group from a single location.

Pieps Gloabal Finder IridiumPieps Gloabal Finder Iridium

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