Holiday Condition Recap - Western Canada


You know you’re dealing with some weird weather patterns when Lake Louise is reporting a bigger base than Whistler Blackcomb. Indeed, all that Whistler wants for Christmas is two metres of fresh.

Thankfully it's DUMPING as I write this report because the whining around town has been almost intolerable. It's like people have already given up. And half those assh*les haven't gone up to ski for themselves.

I swear if I see one more facebook status stating our glaringly obvious need for snow, I’m gonna hack into that person’s account and replace their profile pic with this one here:

Don't say I didn't warn you.

Especially because the skiing has actually been pretty sick! I heard a friend claim yesterday that he’d just had “the best 1cm pow day in his life.”

And we just got 8cms last night (it's Friday today) and there's more forecast through the weekend.

Sure it’s not perfect. We don’t have enough snow to get sendy quite yet and our valley’s a lot greener than we’d like it to be. But we’ve been making consistent pow turns up at the right elevations. And the low-tide conditions have been cranking up the gnar factor in a few of our tamer zones.

@stanrey7 gets on the other side of the lens and nails a shot of @jefftheory3 in some legitimate Whistler area pow.

The only thing is, The CAA is only reporting 50cms of coverage along The Duffey right now, so very few souls have been venturing out that way, myself included.

Hopefully that turns around soon.

Check the Avy report for Inland South Coast here:

Most of us have just been making lemonade at the resort, both in and out of the area boundary. But anyone headed out towards Decker or Husume or anywhere deeper in The Spearhead needs to be on point to navigate an absolute minefield of crevasses.

There's some really good beta on the current state of our glaciers in this blog here:


As far as further east of here goes, I get all of my info from Facebook and Instagram, so I'm gonna pass the mic to Tim Grey here:

"In the last two weeks I've ridden in the Monashees, the Purcells and the Western Rockies. Everywhere I would still consider early season. The Monashees (northern) had the most snow: surprise surprise, but even they weren't covered in their usual glory of mid winter deepness. I spent thursday the 5th in Eagles pass and it was full of creamy goodness. I was still a little reserved on a deep pow carve on a sled. 

The western rockies are still thin and quite hollow underneath. I was there last week and it was still pretty low with some deep pockets. It's snowed .5 metres + at KHMR since however, so you've got to think it's pretty good there now. 
It's been a good week in the Purcells. KHMR boasted two really good powder days this week. The coverage is pretty decent but there's still some bad lurking rocks. I believe we rated wednesday as 'excellent early season.'
Thursday sled skiing in the Purcells was about finding the deep pockets. There are vast expanses of really thin coverage but if you find the right aspect and wind shelter is bottomless."
Whoahhh, whoahhh, whoaahhh. These shots from Mr.Grey make it look like the Golden area is holding some serious chow.

Ryan Johannessen, making the case for heading towards the Interior.

Thanks Tim.

Alright, just to give you some numbers, here's RMR's latest snow report:

And Kicking Horse's:


According to all the pics from the crew at the Shredstitute, the skiing has been all-time in Roger’s Pass for the last little while, if a little thin down low. Looks like that crew’s killing it and that the camps are working out really well. Click the link if you wanna find out more, because those camps are one of the best things that an aspiring freerider can do.

The boys from @capow_ crushing in The Pass right now. @joshdaiek tunnels his way towards the cameraman.

Sounds like there are some tricky avalanche conditions right now, so make sure you act accordingly:


But the real story right now is happening in The Rockies. Lake Louise has reported 60cms on snowfall in the last seven days.

Photo courtesy of

Their base is still just shy of a metre, but that doesn’t mean I’m not bummed that I decided not to go back to Canmore for Christmas this year.

I'm stoked to know they're getting it good over there though. It warms me old heart to know that my crew from back home is shredding pow.

@thesledskier (aka Bobo Smith) got to put a few of the first rounded turns of the season down Whitehorn One at Lake Louise......lucky bastard.

Here's Sunshine's snow report as well, just for good measure:


Not too sure what’s happening in the Koots right now, maybe because the shredders in those zones are less addicted to facebook and instagram.

But here’s Red’s Latest Report:

And Whitewater’s:

And Fernie's too:

So that's it for now, your non-comprensive conditions report for Western Canada. Haha.......Happy Holidays everyone. Stay safe and feel free to chime in with your own input below.

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