Attention Nerds! Whistler Museum is about to blow your mind...


It's no secret that Whistlerites are pretty fond of skiing, boarding, ski-boarding, and all sorts of related activities. So when the opportunity arose for the Whistler Museum to update our permanent exhibits, it was a no-brainer to focus on the act of sliding on snow. 

We've been closed since mid-October as we have been renovating almost half of our exhibit space, making this our most significant exhibit upgrade in over 3 years. Needless to say, we're pretty pumped for next Thursay, November 28th, when we get to officially launch our new exhibit "The Evolution of Skiing in Whistler." The project was made possible thanks to generous support from the Whistler-Blackcomb Foundation.

While we think our new exhibit is plenty of an attraction in itself, we decided to sweeten the pot and have a full program of launch events to compliment our displays and give you even more reason to pay us a visit. Here's a quick overview:

November 28 - Official Exhibit Launch. 6pm- 9pm. Admission will be free to all.

An open-house evening with drinks, snacks and a few short speeches by museum staff & board members, but the focus for the evening will simply be exploring the updates to our permanent exhibits. There is no formal dress code, but turtle necks, wool sweaters, and neon will certainly earn you high fives, low fives, maybe even the coveted "on-the-side." 

As skiers, we have so much to be proud of. 


November 30 - Backcountry Skiers Alpine Responsibility Code. 7-9pm. Tickets: $10/$7 museum members.


We all know the Alpine Skiers Responsibility Code, that yellow card that lists the rules to abide by when at a ski resort. Well, what about the backcountry? We don't mean to be a wet sil-tarp, we appreciate the "freedom of the hills" as much as the next backcountry libertarian, but it's getting crowded back there. Increasing crowds and associated safety concerns mean a formal backcountry code of conduct may well be in order.

This event will produce a draft of such a code, featuring a very esteemed panel and a healthy dose of audience participation. Who, exactly, are our esteemed panelists?

Ryan Bougie: Blackcomb Avalanche Forecaster, avid adventurer, Coast Range traverser. 
Keith Reid: President of the ACMG and lead backcountry guide for Extremely Canadian
Dave Sarkany: ACMG ski guide, mountain instructor, Whistler Search-and-Rescue
Mitch Sulkers: Avalanche instructor, hiking guide, outdoor educator.

We can do better than this, folks. 


December 8 - Filming Mountains. 4-6pm (doors 3pm).Tickets: $10, available at the WFF box office.

This event, in partnership with the Whistler Film Festival, celebrates our town’s proud history at the forefront of the ski and snowboard film industry. Heralded filmmakers will share clips and stories from the past that will entertain while giving unique insights into the filmmaking experience. Presentations will be:

Christian Begin reminiscing on a three-decade journey from Ski Bums to cinematographer.

- Aspiring media mogul Feet Banks will pay homage to the heavy hitters that came before him.

- Ace Mackay-Smith will take us on a Siberian adventure with Stump, Schmidt, and Craig.

- Garry Pendygrasse will reflect on some of the athletes he's been fortunate enough to work with over the years.

- The team from Switchback Entertainment will share their favourite behind-the-scenes from Salomon Freeski TV.

Working with stars like Craig Kelly and Scott Schmidt was no big deal for Ace after hob-nobbing with the likes of Fabio.


December 11 - The Whistler vs Blackcomb Debate. 6:30-9pm. Tickets: $7/$5 museum members.

Our Whistler Debates event series has already dealt with such topics as backcountry access, the digitization of literature, the politics of the gay pride movement, and more. Without a doubt this evening will be the most important topic yet to be tackled. With your help, this event will decide, once and for all, which is the superior mountain in this valley (and, therefore, on Earth). Heavy stuff, indeed. 

Two huge mountains, but only one can reign supreme. On December 11th help us decide!

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